[ New Product ] Network Music System CEOL piccolo

Sep 27, 2012

The quality of stereo sound from this compact Denon CEOL piccolo is hard to imagine until you hear it. It is remarkably true to life, a real pleasure to listen to and become immersed in. This single unit is like a constant invitation for you to relax with beautiful music. It lets you listen to music from a wide variety of sources, such as your iPhone or iPod touch, the online music service Last.fm(*1), or Internet radio. You can connect your iPhone or iPod touch directly via the dock on top of the unit, or you can use AirPlay to listen to music wirelessly not only from the iPhone or iPod touch but from an iPad as well. If you have some friends over, they can all play music through your CEOL piccolo from their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, too. There's no end to the fun in this case. Since the speakers are separate from the main unit, you also have more fl exibility in the way you set up your system.