[ New Product ] CD Player - DCD-720AE

Jul 31, 2012

Superior Speaker Drive Capabilities for High-quality Sound

The PMA-720AE integrated amplifier is a master at driving speakers with amplitudes that change instantaneously. This model is equipped with the Advanced HC (High Current) Single Push-Pull Circuit that incorporates improvements over conventional amplifier circuitry to reproduce sound with greater speed and dynamism. The power circuit that supports the amplifier circuitry employs a new schottky barrier diode with superior capabilities to supply current instantaneously, resulting in stable sound playback even of musical passages containing sudden bursts of sound or extended periods of intense sound. To ensure that the audio and power circuits operate at their maximum potential, Denon’s Direct Mechanical Ground Construction has been adopted for the chassis of the PMA-720AE. The use of shortened signal paths from input to output enhances the amplifi er’s ability to faithfully reproduce the original sound. From the beautiful sound that you hear to the volume knob and o ther details in the physical design, meticulous care has been taken to ensure that the PMA-720AE is a pleasure to use and listen to.