Vergleichstest HEOS System im T3 Magazin (UK) - TESTSIEGER

Jul 13, 2015

Overall Winner: HEOS
On HEOS: “HEOS by Denon is our multi-room system of choice. Feature-rich and musical with local USB playback, backed by a solid app, it’s a star performer!”
Test 1: Design
Winner: Sonos
On HEOS: “The HEOS by Denon range is a Marmite proposition, but its tapered tabletop speakers are on the right side of striking.”
Test 2: Set-Up
Winner: HEOS          
On HEOS: “Thanks to its ease of use and inventive app design, HEOS by Denon wins this category by a pinch […] Denon makes it easy to group speakers and assign zones […] impressively up to 32 HEOS units can be run on a simgle system […] a ‘pinch to group’ feature on the app enables multiple locations to be grouped together on the fly, should you want to rock the entire house”.
Test 3: Sound
Winner: Bluesound
On HEOS: “The HEOS 7 thunders for attention; its startling how much bass it offers.”