Home Cinema Choice ocenil Denon AVR-4520 jako "Nejlepší koupi" a dal mu hodnocení pět hvězdiček.

úno 04, 2013
Richard Stevenson has published an in-depth four page review of the Denon's flagship AV Receiver in the latest issue of Home Cinema Choice magazine (March 2013).

The tone of this review is clear from the opening paragraph, "Denon's AVR-4520 takes the AV receiver market by the scruff of the fascia and gives it a good shake. The flagship model does cost a significant chunk of money but it is one of the most flexible, well featured and cleverly thought-out AVR's ever made. Add to this a stunning sound quality that strikes the perfect balance between detail and dynamics, and you have a product that will absolutely delight movie and music fans. We love it."

This level of high praise continues throughout the four pages, concluding that "Denon has returned to the £2,000 (and beyond) category with an absolute star. The AVR-4520 is a gorgeous, multi-talented machine that never stops impressing. Buy with confidence."

For more information on this product please click here or check out the full review in Home cinema Choice magazine (March 2013).