Denon 4520 s Audyssey mění definici vysoké rady AVR

říj 16, 2012

​The AVR market, like everything else in our technologically advanced world, is speeding forward. You have to be ahead of the curve or risk playing catch-up. Since MultEQ revolutionized home audio correction, we’ve seen the advent of HD, Blu-ray, surround-sound up-mixing and streaming. Keeping up is hard. The Denon AVR-4520CI not only packs the state-of-the-art specs you’re looking for, but also a few brand new technologies you’ve never seen.

The basics are all there: 7 HDMI inputs, Internet-ready, 9.2 channels (11.2 with separate amplifier), Windows certified, multi-zone and streaming capabilities. It’s AirPlay ready and even the fanciest AVRs can’t all say that yet. Control your AVR via Apple’s Remote App from your iPhone or iPad, but you get all the other benefits of running Apple’s WiFi-based wireless media platform: Send your media to any AirPlay-ready speakers (like the Audyssey Audio Dock Air); access libraries on any device; share video, photographs or other media without occupying an input jack.

Visually it’s ready for stunning picture quality with 3D pass and upconversion to 4k (3820 x 2160). But it matches that quality in audio with our most advanced room correction software, Audyssey MultEQ XT32. With more than 10,000 individual control points, MultEQ XT32 applies unrivaled detail to all of your speakers, including the subwoofer. And if you use two subwoofers Audyssey Sub EQ HT properly integrates them for the MultEQ XT32 calibration.

Audyssey LFC is making its global debut in the 4520. It’s a cool mix of digital technology and psychoacoustics that allows you to enjoy the full bass experience of your media while eliminating the frequencies bothersome to those around you. No more neighbors complaining. No more keeping the kids up. Low Frequency Containment first isolates the specific frequencies that are problematic without limiting the entire band. And it restores the perception of the low notes so you still enjoy your movie.

Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Audyssey Dynamic EQ are included and so is Audyssey DSX (Dynamic Surround Expansion). On the 4520CI, DSX can be used to its fullest, adding heights and wides to any 7.1 setup to create the most enveloping surround field in an impressive 11.2 system.

Thirty-two bits of DSP processing gives the Denon AVR-4520CL enough power to bring the best picture and sound to any entertainment center. If you’re in the market, put one of these in your house and let your friends be the ones playing catch up for years to come. 

For more information on the Denon AVR-4520 please click here.