Denon zahajuje prodej prémiové třídy Blu-ray Transporter pro ty nejnáročnější fanoušky domácího kina

srp 29, 2012

Denon is proud to introduce the brand new DBT-3313UD, a premium-class 3D Blu-ray Transporter with uncompromising quality and incredible versatility. 

Being the top model of the Denon line-up, the DBT-3313UD supports Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Super Audio CD, CD plus network content, enabling users to enjoy their entire media library in exceptional sound and picture quality. Its versatility and quality is even extended by a dual HDMI output to seperate audio and video or to connect two sinks simultaneously. 

The DBT-3313UD will be available in black and premium silver from October onwards.

For more information and a full list of product features please click here