Denon sluchátka AH-D600 dostali cenu od Pocket-Lint jako 'Horký produkt "(Dec 2012).

led 01, 2013
Pocket-Lint has published a stunning review of Denon's AH-D600 headphones, culminating in the coveted "Hot Product" award.

Not only are they commended on their "well balanced" sound and "epic, explosive bass" but "the build quality of these cans is excellent. From the lovely stitching, through to the feeling that they will pretty much last forever."

The concluding verdict is that these are "amazingly comfortable and beautifully clear. They sound utterly amazing, and for music - if you like electronic, or anything vaguely urban - they are the mutt's nuts. But perhaps their best use is for TV and movies. Here, they explode with life and give you an experience much more like you'd get in the cinema."

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