Denon RCD-M38DAB Micro Hi-FI systém zikální ocenění 5 hvězdiček v zářijovém čísle What Hi-Fi.

srp 30, 2010

The D-M-38DAB has been awarded 5 stars by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine. After the predecessor being such an award winner many people have anticipated the arrival of the RCD-M38DAB which seemingly has not disappointed. With Ipod Direct connection and improved functions it is a worthwhile upgrade. What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine commented “This is comfortably more sonically adept than its predecessor” The review concluded with the following statement “ So there’s a new micro at the top of the pile. It may look the same as the old boss, but the new boss, the D-M38DAB is a surprisingly worthwhile upgrade.​