Denon expanduje na trh dokových reproduktor s novou sérií "Cocoon" - dotek pro všechny smysly.

čvc 16, 2012

This summer the Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable will be introduced to the speaker docks market and are set to re-define modern music streaming. Although not first to the market, Denon is the first in creating a true reference product​ with a unique design, a full set of clever features, intuitive control and incredible sound quality, turning the speaker dock into a full modern media system solution. The Cocoon brings music to life and invites everybody to be part of the future.

The name "Cocoon" is derived from the shape of the device. Unlike the usual Hi-Fi black-boxes, the Cocoon is precious, stylish and its organic design and colours enrich any home or office interior. But there is more to the Cocoon than just love at first sight, the appealing design encases and protects the latest technologies to aggregate all the music and to release nothing else, but the perfect sound. The astounding eye for detail is reflected in every piece of construction, while the luxurious feel comes from high quality fabric for the covers as well as the heavy aliminium base and the double shot injected back.

The Cocoon Home is available in deep-gloss black and white, whilst the Cocoon portable comes in high-gloss black only. Both models will be available from Summer 2012.