DBP-2012UD získává 5 hvězdiček v skupinovém testu blu-ray přehrávačů (What Hi-FI? Zvuk a obraz, Duben 2012)

bře 12, 2012

​The Denon DBP-2012UD has been crowned winner of the Blu-ray Player group test in the latest edition of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine (April 2012). Not only has it beat the competition, it has also been awarded a fantastic five star rating to match.

This player already earned its fair share of awards in 2011, but now that it is priced at £250.00 less it is "clearly an even more attractive buy". According to this superb review "the Denon's sheer ability carries it through, especially given its new price. It remains a truly exceptional Blu-ray player."