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Glossary of Technical Terms

Denon Original Technologies


(Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit)

Ideal multichannel audio output is to reproduce sound of identically high grade from all channels. Denon continues to focus on discrete configurations of surround circuits in order to reproduce this ideal multichannel sound.

A single IC chip is generally used in processing A/D, DSP, and D/A conversions that are vital to sound quality. The D.D.S.C. uses separate components to process the important sections of the A/D, DSP, and D/A conversions and therefore significantly improves signal processing capability and performance. In addition, the approach of developing and incorporating high-quality dedicated elements in the sections that configure the circuitry makes it easier to develop a high-grade, advanced surround circuit compared with the method where all processing is concentrated within a single chip.

Denon, who was first in the world to incorporate THX 5.1 in an A/V amplifier and achieve playback of ideal cinematic sound quality in a living room, used this approach in its efforts to deliver high-grade sound playback, equivalent to that of a pure Hi-Fi audio component, from an A/V amp. Denon’s proprietary digital audio technology that had for many years been developed for pure Hi-Fi components is now also alive in each block of the D.D.S.C.

AL24 Processing that reproduces digital signals as close as possible to analog waveforms, 32-bit floating point DSP, the I2S interface, and other technologies that are key to high-quality sound playback are freely used. These technologies have been made possible by Denon thanks to its extensive experience with digital and analog audio.