Zjednodušeně řečeno, Piccolo a Spotify rovná se skvělý zážitek z poslechu.

led 26, 2013
The Denon CEOL Piccolo has recieved a five star review on the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision website (January 2013).

After reading the article it is not diffiult to see where this Denon system gets its five star rating from. "Compared with rival micros the Piccolo produces a fuller, more organic sound, one with weight and substance behind each note." The praise continues, "take the final step and play a 24-bit studio master file and the Piccolo obliges with sound that's simply stonkingly good for the money."

The concluding verdict, "not only does the very reasonably priced CEOL Piccolo play anything you'd care to listen to from wherever you might like to get it from, it does so with aplomb. Go on, ditch these old optical discs - Denon's got your back."

The full review is available here.