Denon PMA-720A a DCD-720A získaly ocenění od Hi-Fi Choice.

říj 21, 2012

​Denon's new PMA-720AE CD Player and DCD-720AE amplifier prove they "are more than just a blissed aesthetic pairing" in the current issue of Hi Fi Choice.

There is no shortage of praise for this Denon duo as both units claim the Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award. While "stacked together, the two units make a handsome couple," but there is more to this pair than just aesthetic appeal. "This pairing exhibits a leaner, more agile sound that lends this combo a liveliness that's extremely likeable."

"There is little question that they represent excellent value for money; taken as a pairing for £700.00 there is a huge amount to like about this Denon duo."

Proving their worth on their own, the PMA-720AE is described as "detailed, lively and extremely entertaining," culminating in a flawless five star rating. With the DCD-720AE provides an "natural and unforced sound" and is named as the "ideal partner for the matching amplifier."

Check out the December 2012 issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine for the full review.