DENON AVR-4520 "vypadá šikovně a dodá opravdový prémiový pocit" podle časopisu What Hi-Fi? Zvuk a obraz (březen 2013).

úno 13, 2013
Denon's top-of-the-range AV receiver has received a fantastic review in the March issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine. According to this article, the AVR-4520 is "an impressive statement from a company with arguably unrivalled pedigree in this market. Denon has led the way at every price level at one time or another in recent years."

"It's a very easy-to-listen-to sound, a cohesive, solid performance with no harsh edges" and "effects are steered confidently around the room while dialogue is clear and engaging."

When compared with other high-end AV Receivers in the market "the Denon AVR-4520 is arguably the easiest machine here to sit back and enjoy: detailed, organised and cohesive, it delivers a simple-to-digest sound that's ultra-versatile when it comes to building a system."

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