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Reviews & Awards

Denon products reputations all over the world

Readers’ Choice Awards

Denon gets 17 awards including 5 category wins in this year’s “Readers’ Choice Awards” by Motor Presse.

Details are as follows:

□Surround Receivers
AVC-A1XV “AUDIO” 1. Platz
AVR-4308 “video” 1. Platz
AVR-4308 “stereoplay” 1. Platz
AVR-3808 “AUDIO” 2. Platz
AVR-2307 “AUDIO” 2. Platz
AVR-2307 “video” 1. Platz
AVR-1505 “stereoplay” 2. Platz

□DVD Systems
S-302 “video” 2. Platz
S-302 “stereoplay” 3. platz

□DVD Players
DVD-3930 “video” 1. Platz
DVD-2930 “AUDIO” 2. Platz
DVD-2930 “video” 2. Platz

DL-103R “stereoplay” 2. platz
DL-103SA “AUDIO” 3. Platz

□Integrated Amplfiers/Tuners
PMA-1500AE “AUDIO” 3. Platz
TU-1500AE “AUDIO” 3. Platz
PMA-1500AE “stereoplay” 3. platz

April 30, 2008 12:30 PM | Country : Germany