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Reviews & Awards

Denon products reputations all over the world

AVR-5308CI, AVR-3808CI

The Denon AV receivers are featured in the special AV receiver issue of "Home Theater," with the AVR-5308CI prominently displayed on the magazine's cover page. The following receivers were chosen as Top Picks in the Buyer's Guide:


Midrange: AVR-3808CI
Excerpt: "Why We Like It: High-resolution audio support is becoming a must-have feature in an AVR, but you still want the features and performance you've grown to expect. This AVR strikes a nice balance and delivers terrific quality at a mid-level price point."
High End: AVR-5308CI
Excerpt: "Why We Like It: With all that the powerful AVR-5308CI can do and how capably it handles everything, its $5,500 asking price makes it a genuine bargain. This high-performance, sophisticated-sounding receiver redefines the category and is easy to recommend."

July 27, 2009 3:05 PM | Country : USA