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Glossary of Technical Terms

Denon Original Technologies


The S.V.H. (Suppresses Vibration, Hybrid) Mechanism

To faithfully reproduce the original sound, it is necessary to design an optical disc mechanism that suppresses vibration as thoroughly as possible while the disc is in play.

To prevent the transmission of vibration, a variety of technologies, such as the application of a special vibration-absorbent coating to the disc tray and the use of different types of materials for the various parts to disperse resonant frequencies, have been incorporated in the mechanism design. In addition, to strengthen masking effects against electromagnetic noise, the mechanism has been cloaked in a shielding cover, and shielding walls have been used for the box that houses the overall mechanism. The thoroughness of this mechanism design comes as a result of Denon’s extensive experience with these technologies.

Note: The materials and structures vary with each product.