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Glossary of Technical Terms

Denon Original Technologies


Original Denon listening modes

Denon A/V receivers provide original listening modes that synthetically reproduce sound spaces by applying digital signal processing of a DSP. The parameters of each mode can also be fine-adjusted to reproduce a more realistic, powerful sound space to suit a personal listening taste or the type of program being played.


Left and right stereo channels are distributed to all the speakers so that stereo sound can be heard from all directions at any listening position.


This mode reproduces the atmosphere of a stadium when you enjoy program sources such as baseball or soccer.


For rock and popular music sources, this mode surrounds you with reflected sound of the kind you would hear at a live concert.


This mode recreates the atmosphere of a live house where the ceiling is low and you are enveloped with rich doses of reflected sound.


This mode, for classical music, recreates the space of a large concert hall where you are surrounded with reflected sound in a large space.


With this mode, you can add rich reflected sound to 2-channel stereo music sources where reflected sound is normally not audible.


This mode is used when you listen to recorded monaural sound sources such as AM radio broadcasts or news programs from the center speaker.

Note: Listening modes are not the same on all models.