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Glossary of Technical Terms

Denon Original Technologies


AL24 Processing

AL24 Processing is analog waveform reproduction technology that represents a further advancement over Denon’s Adaptive Line Pattern Harmonized Algorithm Processing that won high acclaim for its exceptional sound quality. It has not only further reduced quantization noise but also supported the higher numbers of bits and sampling rates that have been drawing attention in next-generation media.

To achieve audio output of 24-bit quality, AL24 Processing generates low-order 8-bit data by doubling the processing circuitry of the low-order data generator and processing the data internally, and then adds the 16 high-order bits. AL24 Processing interpolates the signal that was lost when the original sound was recorded as digital data so that it can faithfully reproduce the smooth analog waveform that existed prior to recording. AL24 Processing supports not only 16-bit but also 18-, 20-, and 24-bit digital input.

With AL24 Processing, it is now possible to actually hear the delicate low-level resonances of music that had been absorbed by the concert hall and were difficult for conventional systems to reproduce.