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Glossary of Technical Terms

Denon Original Technologies


Compressed Audio Restorer

Typical compressed audio formats like MP3, AAC,WMA, etc. delete the high frequency signal data substantially while thinning out the data signals, which results in the loss of clarity of the sound. The 'Compressed Audio Restorer' restorers the compressed audio signal as close as possible to the original by interpolating and generating the missing data during compression. Added high frequency elements in the compressed audio data place a disproportionate emphasis on the band spreading. The 'Compressed Audio Restorer' fine-tunes the data signal in all frequency by generating harmonic overtone of low frequency. The 'Compressed Audio Restorer' gives second life to the compressed audio data to make them more comfortable and pleasant to listen to by adjusting and clarifying the details of the music sound and improving their stereo image. The quality of the compressed audio signal depend, of course, on the quality of the original source, however, is determined by the compression technology and the transfer bit rate. The 'Compressed Audio Restorer ' has 4 modes (Restorer64/Restorer96/RestorerHQ/OFF) and offers most effective performance to any compressed audio signals.